2 Year Old Won T Drink Milk From Sippy Cup

Milk sippy cup

Why Won't My Toddler Drink Milk From A Sippy Cup?

A: Some toddlers seem to equate milk with a bottle, and when they’re in this frame of mind, drinking milk from a sippy cup just doesn’t feel right to them. Refusal to drink milk from a sippy cup often happens right after a child is weaned from her bottle. The good news is that this refusal is often a temporary situation.

How Can I Get My Baby To Drink From A Sippy?

Some babies will drink water or juice – but not breast milk or formula – from a sippy cup. (But don’t give juice to a baby younger than 1 year, and limit juice for toddlers to 1/2 cup a day.) Show your baby how it’s done. Get a clean sippy and let your baby see you drink from it. Or have a sibling drink from a sippy in front of the baby.

How To Teach A Toddler To Stop Drinking Milk?

Here’s how to teach a “toddler stopped drinking milk” problem: Use a cup that has a wide base so that it can’t tip easily and make sure it has handles for them to grip. Try to alternate the sippy cup and the open cup. Use milk in the open cup and water in the sippy cup.

Can A 2 Year Old Use An Open Cup Instead Of Sippy?

However, the Transition From Sippy Cup To Open Cup is not always a simple one. The sippy cup is traditionally used for a toddler that is incapable of operating and drinking from open cups. However, most 2-year-olds are able to correctly operate open cups so the onerous falls on the parent to help with the swap over.