How Does A Narcissist Treat His Child

How narcissist treat their child

How Does A Narcissist Treat His Child

How the narcissistic parent treats the child or children depends on what they are using the child for. For example, children that exist to showcase what a wonderful parent the narcissist is will often seem to be treated very well in public or in front of people, and there will be pressure on these children to perform perfectly in front of others.

Does True Narcissist Have Children?

Narcissists often perceive children as mere accessories rather than as whole people with unique personalities. Therefore, a child can be whatever the narcissist needs them to be in that moment- a best friend, a punching bag, a success story. Additionally, these needs often change, and they can change without any notice.

How Does A Child Become A Narcissist?

Some children grow up in a Narcissistic household where there is an Exhibitionist Narcissist parent who rewards them with praise and attention as long as they admire and stay subservient to the parent. These children are taught Narcissistic values, but are discouraged from exhibiting themselves for admiration.

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How To Help Children With A Narcissistic Father?

Surround the child with other healthy adult confidants. Your child may feel a clear deficit in their emotional connection with the narcissistic parent. Being a positive role model yourself can offset this. However, it can be beneficial to expose your child to other positive adults who can offer support, encouragement, and a listening ear.