My 5 Year Old Has Yellow Discharge

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My 5 Year Old Has Yellow Discharge

The color of the discharge can either be faint yellow or thick yellow. In the event that the smell becomes strong, then it is likely that a secondary bacterial infection has occurred.

Is It Normal For My Daughter To Have Yellow Discharge?

My daughter has a little discharge too, staining her underwear a little yellow. It’s not real bad and doesn’t smell fowl. I think it’s just a normal part of being female. I’ve also been told by other mom’s that it’s normal for their daughters as well.

Is It Normal For A 5 Year Old To Have Discharge?

Vaginal discharge in a 5 year old. Yes take her to the doctors it might be thrush or another infection she has picked up, it is not normal but nothing to be alarmed about either I expect.

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What Does It Mean When Your Discharge Is Yellow And Clear?

Clear, white, or slightly yellow discharge that does not have an odor and accompanying symptoms is typically harmless. However, if your discharge is green or yellow and has a foul smell, you may have an infection. If you think you may have a vaginal infection, see a health care provider soon so you can start treatment if it’s needed.

What Does It Mean When A Toddler Has Yellow Eye Discharge?

Yellow eye discharge in toddlers A yellow eye discharge in toddlers often occurs when a child has a bacterial infection. The causes of the yellow discharge or pus may be caused by a variety of factors: Greenish eye discharge in babies due to an eye infection.